This is a quick guide I made for students using the Land Grant Films’ A7 kits.

The Sony A7 kit comes with everything you need to do high-quality video production, while maintain a small footprint and single-person setup. The kit comes with the following:

I’ll walk through adding all the pieces; then walk through basic camera functioning.

ᎡᏘᏴ ᏥᎾᎾᏛᏁᎮ ᎠᏰᎵᏐ ᎾᏛᏁᎰ / She Carries On will premiere on East Tennessee PBS on Nov. 7th at 6:30 p.m. It will also screen as part of the 14th annual LA SKINS FEST in Hollywood, California.

Still from “She Carries On”

SYNOPSIS: Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina is a tight-knit community of the remaining members of the Cherokee tribe, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. One of the tribes’ cultural traditions still practiced is the game of stickball. In the year 2000, nearly 100 women: mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, and friends, took the field to play and exercise the matriarchal…

Just because we have to stay home, doesn’t mean we have to stop creating. Land Grant Films, with support from the School of Journalism & Electronic Media, Canon and WBIR, are proud to announce the first — and hopefully only — Stay at Home Video Contest. Ready to Submit? SUBMIT NOW

The Gist

The goal of the Stay at Home Video Contest is to inspire UT students to create entertaining, informative content despite limitations resulting from the statewide stay-at-home orders and the CDC’s social distancing guidelines.

The Stay at Home Video Contest is open to all current UT-Knoxville students.

Students are asked…

Jordan’s team traveled to South Korea to document the story of Yuna Shawver for their film, Girl of Peace.

Caitlyn Jordan, a graduate student working with Land Grant Films, will host The War That Never Ended, a solo illustration exhibit created by Yuna Shawver’s at A1 Lab Arts gallery in Knoxville. The exhibit will open Friday, March 6 from 11 am — 7 pm and will run through the weekend.

Faculty and students working with Land Grant Films at the University of Tennessee will produce a four-part series about the burdens people face due to energy insecurity. The project is funded by Three Cubed, a local non-profit contracted by the TVA to to examine the benefits of weatherization projects, such as the TVA’s Extreme Energy Makeover program.

Journalism and electronic media graduate student Jonathan Braun was picked via a competitive application process to serve as the student producer of the project. Production of the series will be overseen by Prof. …

Danica McKellar, author of Imagination Library selection Goodnight, Numbers and actress most recognized for her critically-acclaimed roles on “The Wonder Years” and “The West Wing,” lent her voice to Land Grant Films’ upcoming documentary, The Library That Dolly Built.

Dolly Parton and Danica McKellar in Los Angeles before a recording session for the The Library That Dolly Built.

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Land Grant Films is proud to announce that author, actress Danica McKeller will serve as the narrator of The Library That Dolly Built, the first feature length documentary about Dolly Parton’s book gifting program, The Imagination Library.

“We are honored to have Ms. McKellar work with us on this important project,” said Prof. Nick Geidner, director of Land…

One of my best and longest friends and his wife are expecting their first child. Unfortunately, they do not live in a community that has Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a book gifting program started by Dolly Parton that delivers free book every month from birth to age five to children in communities across the country, so I decided to start them off with a small collection of books.

Check if the Imagination Library is available in your community.

Let me start by making it clear that this is not a list of the best children’s literature or a list of books everyone should own. …

Land Grant Films is seeking a student producer to help lead a 4-part microdoc series about the burdens people face due to energy insecurity. The selected student will be supported with a scholarship and will be an integral part of the production team.

The Land Grant Films crew shoots an interview for The Library That Dolly Built, a documentary about Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Each of the three to five-minute videos will cover a different aspect of the struggles individuals encounter due to energy burdens, including:

The course (JEM 494; M-W 10:10–11:25) will be led by Land Grant Films director and UTJEM associate professor, Nick Geidner, and will have the students produce a documentary about the cutting-edge neutron science program at Oak Ridge National Lab.

Photo courtesy of Oak Ridge National Lab

Based on the model Geidner used for the award-winning Medal of Honor Project, students in the class will lead all phases of production on the half-hour documentary, including conducting interviews, filming additional footage, writing scripts and editing the film.

“This project will give our students the opportunity to test out the skills they’ve been learning in the classroom in a real-world…

This guide was made for students in my documentary production course, who have access to the C100 through the JEM equipment room.

Note: For the time being, Clint Elmore, the school’s video production specialist, is keeping the C100 kits in his office and not in the main equipment room. You will have to email him [celmore at] to set up times to get the C100 kits. Additionally, you can stop by his office, Communication Building 294.

The Canon C100 mii

In the Box

When you check out a C100 kit from the equipment room, it will come with the following accessories:

Nick Geidner

Associate Professor of Journalism and Director of Land Grant Films (@LandGrantFilms) at the University of Tennessee.

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